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The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Jeans

Finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly is a tough task. And to find a pair of jeans that fit a curvy girl is an even more challenging task. One of the biggest challenges finding jeans is that it should be comfortable and yet holds the body well. And the fashion industry has answered this dilemma with entire lines of women's curvy fit jeans! Here is a guide on how to find the best jeans for curvy women.

Finding The Perfect Rise

The first step to finding the best jeans for curvy women is to figure out which rise best suits your figure and makes you most comfortable. Low-rise jeans lie about 2 inches below the navel and are best suited for a petite curvy woman. Mid-rise jeans sit right below one’s navel and work best for those with an apple-shaped body. High-rise jeans lie above the navel and suit every body type.

best jeans for curvy women

Which Wash Best Suits You?

The second most important question to be asked when shopping for women's curvy fit jeans is, “which fit best suits my body?” Dark wash jeans give a slimming effect to the body. Light and medium wash jeans are perfect for a casual outfit befitting the sneakers you have in your closet.

Finding The Right Fit

The silhouette a pair of jeans gives to one’s body is critical. This is why it is vital to figure out which fit suits your body type best. The most commonly found fits include straight-legged jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, and skinny jeans. Each fit brings about a completely different look to one’s body, and once you find the fit that gives your body the silhouette you are looking for, your search will be done.