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About Us

About The Cenia ConVi Jean:

Small waist Curvy Fit Jeans for womenThe Convi Jean provides a perfect fit to women whose waist measurement is significantly smaller than their hips - about 30% of all women in USA, while converting to a standard waist fit when the zippers are , thus accommodating all body types!

The Cenia ConVi Jean solves the dreaded jean problem of gapping at the back of the waist, or fabric bunching up due to belting, instead a smooth, flattering fit thanks to the innovating patent pending zippered gussets design.

“The inspiration to design a convertible, yet chic jean came from my own personal struggles, and many curvy women I know to find a truly flattering jean for my body type. There wasn’t a jean on the market that could truly fit and mold to our bodies without the need for alterations”, says Cenia Paredes, fashion designer and inventor.

About Cenia:

Cenia Convi Jean - Fashion designer

A native of the Dominican Republic grew up in family dedicated almost entirely to the fine art of dress making. Cenia graduated Summa cum Laude from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in 2004. She then worked in New York's competitive Fashion District for various renowned brands, but always kept her dream of designing her own line as her ultimate goal. In 2009, Cenia launched her first ready to wear collection, a clothing line that not only represented her vision and design sensibility, but that would also embrace women’s diversity in all sizes and shapes.
Cenia blends inspiration from her Latin roots with her American influence to create a feminine look that appeals to today's modern woman. Her sensibility for detail, choice of fabrication and her bold exclusive prints have set her apart as a raising star in New York's fashion scene.